Ten50 Condominiums

Los Angeles, California

Ten50 (or 11th & Grand) offers a detailed pattern of features to create a staggering effect upon the exterior of the building. The louvers in the infinite panels stack in a simple vertical line but have varying elevations from the floor line. There is a heavier sandblasted finish between pairs of louvers in each of these vertical stacks and randomly located horizontal features with this same heavier sandblast. The erection of this project in downtown LA caused quite the commotion. Some panel erection required stopping traffic at a 4-way intersection in downtown LA and walking a 40-foot-long panel down the street before being hoisted up. This activity had all of the nearby people stopping in their tracks to watch in amazement.

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Facts and Figures

State: California

City: Los Angeles

Building Type: Residential / Mixed Use

Square Feet: 191,683

Year Completed: 2016

Job Number: 551



Trumark Urban


General Contractor

Structural Engineer



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