The Design Possibilities of the Netzero Building Platform

Is it possible to build a sustainable, cost-effective building that doesn’t have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal and future adaptability? With the NetZERO Building Platform, the answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” Not only does it enable you to reduce embodied and operational carbon, but its built-in adaptability also reduces construction scope for future tenant improvements or program changes. It allows you to create the building you need today, with the flexibility you’ll want in the future. Here’s how:

Easier tenant improvement

The structure and mechanical layout of the NetZERO Building Platform make it easy to adapt the building for future use. The deck system includes open, clear spans and column-free spaces that allow for flexibility in customizing the interior space.

The prefabricated floor panels of the NetZERO Building Platform are zoned to allow for different comfort needs as well as independent control of the building edge and interior. If new openings need to be cut into floor panels in the future, radiant circuits can be locally rerouted without changing or even shutting down the primary system. There are no reheat pipes or condensate pipes, reducing ceiling clutter. And the radiant and hydronic piping remain constant throughout the structure – when the interior layout changes, the supply air ducts are the only part of the HVAC system that need to be adjusted.

Enhanced thermal control and comfort

Radiant systems are among the smartest mechanical solutions available, in terms of controls. The system learns, on a daily basis, how it is interacting with the interior space to maintain the desired comfort range. And with the NetZERO Building Platform, occupants gain more control of the temperature in smaller spaces. The building is broken down into 20′ wide thermal zones due to the natural layout of the prefabricated structure. This provides more flexibility that a traditional radiant system allowing the building to be finetuned to occupant needs on a micro level, and as needs evolve, such as due to changes in layout or tenants.

Facade design versatility

The NetZERO Building Platform supports several enclosure options, including curtain wall and rainscreen systems, as well as Clark Pacific’s Infinite Facade. Infinite Facade integrates up to six building systems into a single, prefabricated solution. Infinite Facade allows for boundless design options, including a range of window sizes allowing for a modern, glass exterior favored by owners of office buildings. The exterior can also be enhanced with materials such as brick, stone, tile, terracotta, and metal panels, or colors and textures can be directly embedded into the precast.

Ease and cost-effectiveness

When delivered as a comprehensive solution including the structure, skin, and mechanical systems, the NetZERO Building Platform offers zero net energy (ZNE) readiness out of the box, at a lower cost.

  • Through a combination of shallower structural framing and reduced air systems, we are able to use lower floor-to-floor heights. This allows us to reduce the building envelope while maintaining the same tall ceiling heights.
  • Compared to traditional steel construction with variable refrigerant flow (VRF), the first costs are $10 lower per square foot.
  • The platform’s mechanical system uses half the energy of leading all-electric systems, resulting in a 30% reduction in energy overall.

With these considerations for sustainability baked into the platform, design professionals can focus more attention on the aesthetics.

Where Design Flexibility Meets Sustainability

Through our prefabrication expertise, we have optimized the processes of designing, manufacturing, and installing multiple building systems. Offered as a single solution, the NetZERO Building Platform sets the foundation for meeting carbon neutrality and ZNE initiatives well before the 2030 and 2050 milestones set by industry-leading organizations, government agencies, and environmental advocates.

To learn how to get started with NetZERO Building Platform, contact us.

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