Introducing NetZERO Building Platform

The NetZERO Building Platform is a high performing building, reimagined from the ground up, that combines design flexibility with offsite construction, while prioritizing energy efficiency, sustainability and health and wellness for its occupants.
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40% Less Carbon Over the Building Life

Cost Effective - Construction Through Operations

  • Accelerated schedule with offsite construction
  • Less heating and cooling equipment required
  • Less maintenance, less moving parts
  • Reduced energy and operating costs
  • Lower tenant improvement costs

Whole Life Carbon Breakdown

Whole Life Carbon Breakdown

Source: Zallen, Noah. Integral Group “The Radiant Whole Life Carbon Study”

We optimized the structure, reducing concrete volume by 25% from a conventional concrete building, through focused R&D efforts we significantly reduced the use of Portland Cement.  The radiant system requires half of the heating and cooling equipment, resulting in 40% less carbon over the buildings life, compared to the current best practices of high-performance building design.

How Did We Achieve 40% Less Whole Life Carbon?

The NetZERO Building Platform, conservatively, has at least 40% less whole life carbon emissions than a business-as-usual all-electric building.

Reduce Energy by 30%

The first step for a successful Net Zero Building is to reduce its energy consumption. 

The NetZERO Building Platform’s mechanical system uses HALF the energy of leading all electric systems, resulting in a 30% reduction in energy overall.

Typical Office Energy Use

Typical Gas 75
Typical All Electric 30
NetZERO Building Platform 20

EUI (energy use intensity) targets in kBTU/SF/year consistent with Bay Area location.

Reduce Energy by 30% infographic

Ideal Use Cases

Office, Higher Education & Municipal Buildings

How We Are Different:

  • Reimagined and redesigned from the ground up with health and sustainability as a priority. 
  • Building Owners no longer must sacrifice sustainability to meet the proforma.
  • Offsite manufacturing is leveraged to deliver an integrated, comprehensive system optimized to deliver premium performance and design flexibility at a lower cost.
Prefabricated Building Platform benefits venn diagram

Integrated Systems – Designed to Work as One.

Prefabricated Building Platform plank image

Prefabricated Building Frame

We have optimized the NetZERO Building Platform by decreasing the amount of concrete used in the system. This effort has drastically reduced the embodied carbon in the system overall.

Thermally active floor plank image

Thermally Active Floor System

Our prefabricated radiant floor system leverages the perfect balance of thermal mass, energy efficiency and program flexibility into a cost effective and healthy building solution.

Infinite Facade rendering

Infinite Facade™

Infinite Facade, is an integrated pre-insulated building envelope solution with design flexibility and when combined with NetZERO Building Platform results in 20% less in operating costs. NetZERO Building Platform  supports curtain wall and rain screen systems as well.

Learn more about Infinite Facade™

Achieve Your Project Goals

Meet the 2030 Challenge, Today

Owners & Developers:

  • Durable and Easy to Maintain System
  • Superior Occupant Health and Comfort
  • Low Tenant Improvement Costs
  • Energy Efficient
  • Accelerated Schedule
  • Adaptable for Future Changes
  • Less Mechanical Equipment


  • Design Flexibility and Assistance
  • Market Differentiator 
  • Lower Cost than Traditional Construction
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long Column Free Spans
  • Adaptable for Future Changes
  • Aesthetic Versatility

Thermally Active Floor System

Apple Prefabricated Radiant Flooring Production Photo

Our team has successfully installed over 2.5 Million SF of radiant office, fully integrated and tested during the manufacturing process.

Myth: Radiant Flooring is Complex


  • Functionally simple
  • Decouples air and thermal systems
  • Overall simple system, it’s just pipes
  • Reduces equipment size and completely eliminates other equipment
  • Operates at less extreme temperatures for significant performance gains
  • Radiant significantly reduces TI work (current and future)

Radiant & Prefabrication | The Best of Both Worlds

  • Radiant is a perfect opportunity to leverage offsite fabrication
  • Complexity and labor intensive work is moved off site
  • Remaining field work is simplified
  • Accelerates schedule
  • Superior performance at a lower cost!
Interior photograph of NetZERO Building

Improved Occupant Comfort

Research indicates higher occupant satisfaction in radiant spaces*

*Center for the Built Environment

Typical probability of higher temperature satisfaction for each system

Occupant Satisfaction Chart for all air systems verses radiant
Clipboard Graphic Shows Less Allergies with DOAS System

M J Mendell and A H Smith, 1990: Consistent pattern of elevated symptoms in air-conditioned office buildings: a reanalysis of epidemiologic studies.

American Journal of Public Health 80, 1193_1199

Prioritizing Health & Wellness

Our radiant system uses 100% outside air.

Health Benefits compared to recirculated air systems:

  • 33% less allergy symptoms
  • 50% less asthma symptoms

Additional Benefits at No Additional Cost

Benefits of NetZERO Building Platform

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